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About Us Established in 1948 to provide a home and education for young  immigrants to the newly-created State of Israel, Boys Town  Jerusalem has become one of the country’s largest and most  respected educational institutions.

Boys Town Jerusalem was founded by Alexander S. Linchner, a Brooklyn-born rabbi who, after the Holocaust, devoted his life to building a school for the children of immigrants who poured into Israel from countries around the world. His goal: providing them with a quality education that would prepare them to build the State of Israel with technological skill and traditional Jewish idealism.

Today, the beautiful, 18-acre Boys Town Jerusalem campus in the Bayit Vegan neighborhood of Jerusalem is one of Israel’s major technological training centers. Approximately 800 students, ranging in age from 12 to 20, live on the campus, with a capacity to house up to 1,000. The children and grandchildren of immigrants from 45 countries on six continents, they mirror the ethnic diversity of the Israeli population. More than 75% come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and require substantial scholarship assistance. No student is ever turned away from Boys Town Jerusalem due to inability to pay tuition.

In addition to receiving a fine technological and academic education, Boys Town Jerusalem students are deeply imbued with traditional Jewish values and ideals, and pride in their Jewish heritage. As a result, Boys Town Jerusalem graduates are proud to serve in the Israel Defense Forces and then go on to build fine Jewish homes and families, while making important contributions to their communities and the State of Israel. Among Boys Town Jerusalem’s more than 6,200 graduates are many engineers, technicians, educators, fine craftsmen and professionals.


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